The Limbaugh Syndrome

Limbaugh's hostility towards women, physically fit men, Hollywood types, authority, educated people, etc., can be directly attributable to his obesity as a young adult.

(My profound apologies to readers who perceive themselves as being overweight, as only Limbaugh can suffer the "Limbaugh Syndrome.")

Rusty was a chubby guy. Not very athletic, not very good-looking.

He spent his youth and early adulthood watching studs and hippy types having an easy go with the ladies. What started out as jealousy and envy soon evolved into bitter hatred. sociopath He crawled ever deeper into his sack of potato chips and seethed. His futile reach for popularity took him to radio stations to spin records and seek the lifestyle and comradery of those he now belittles as "a bunch of phony baloney plastic banana good time rock n rollers."

One can only imagine the humiliation the stinky fat man endured while working with the Kansas City Royals and a bunch of young wealthy athletes.

Limbaugh eventually discovered he could captivate an audience while getting back at the same people who tormented him throughout his life.

Pay back time.

Hell hath no fury as the bullied fat man who becomes filthy rich.

The Limbaugh Syndrome.