Limbaugh High School Diploma

"I cut two months in high school my senior year. I hated it." Rusty Limbaugh, from his own web site.

In the transcript from his September 10, 2010 show, he also says "I mean, it wasn't two straight months, but the last two months of my senior year I might have been there an aggregate of ten days."


Most of us remember back in those days, any respectable school system had what amounted to a zero tolerance policy regarding truancy. Limbaugh's absence for the final two months of his senior year would have earned him sociopath a failing grade in every course, but more likely, expulsion.

And yet on his web site, his personal bio stated he graduated from Cape Girardeau, Missouri Central High School. But wait. The biographical information has been scrubbed, at least to non-subscribers. Nontheless, there are thousands of references to his 1969 high school graduation all over the internet.

A more likely history emerges when we investigate the facts. After his "graduation," he says his mother took away his car and drove him to classes at Southeast Missouri State University, where he dropped out after two semesters. We deduce that Limbaugh, rather than suffer the indignity of attending another semester at Missouri Central High School, (long after his classmates have moved on), he was forced by his father to attempt earning a Certificate of High School Equivalency, or GED at the neighboring state college. According to his mother, at Southeast Missouri State University, "he flunked everything..."

We don't believe you graduated from Missouri Central High School in 1969.

Post the image of your original high school diploma online for us to evaluate.