GOP - Gang Of Pricks

According to, a prick is "a spiteful or contemptible man often having some authority."

More colorful definitions can be found at

And every gang has a leader.

He denies it publically, but privately he relishes his roll in today's political discourse. He leads the tea party. He leads an army of belligerent talkers on right-wing radio. He leads a good percentage of sociopath the thousand or so angry militia and patriot groups active in our country.

Then there's the John Birch Society, the neo-nazis, skin heads, the NRA, the birthers, the White Nationalists, anti-gay groups, the NRA. There is the Republican Party. The list is long and growing.

Rush Limbaugh is a professional character assassin. He gets rewarded quite handsomely for mocking and disparaging just the right person, at just the right time, on a daily basis. For fellow travelers on the right, he performs an opposite service. Ordinary and low caliper right-wing hacks and wannabies are portrayed as up and coming neo-Reagans. Countless hours are spent rehabilitating jerks and mental midgets.

One thing the Democrats should do immediately is return fire. Start mocking the biggest ego on the political landscape.


He'll hate it. He'll despise it. It won't require radio stations, or millions of dollars. Just a name he detested since childhood.

"Rusty Limbaugh." How fitting. A precision shot.

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This site is offering a handful of viable weapons in an urgently critical political season. We aren't going to be tedious and long winded. Take them. Develope them. Magnify them. Return fire.

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