How to Spot a Republican Homosexual

Ever wonder why those smarmy, odd, right-wingers give you the creeps? As though you are being confronted by the haunting grin of a pedophile priest?

A few years back, ran an interesting story entitled The Science of Gaydar.

It is now probable you can spot a homosexual man by the direction of his hair whorl. This image, courtesy of sociopath depicts how gay men are more likely to have a counterclockwise hair whorl. Straight men are conversely more likely to have a clockwise hair whorl.

Also in the story, "gay men and lesbians have about a 50 percent greater chance of being left-handed or ambidextrous than straight men or women."


Now this is where it sociopath gets interesting. It seems homosexual men tend to have index fingers longer than their ring fingers.

The image to the right and story is from Finger length and DIGIT RATIO hand news!

Son of a gun. This was worth investigating. An internet hunt for images of prominent republicans with an index finger length indicating a genetic probabilty of homosexuality. It can't get any easier than this. Our research has another two dozen likely candidates for this page, but the hands position and camera angles aren't the best.

What the heck. Release the hounds!

Paul Wolfowitz

Armstrong Williams

Bobby Jindal

John Bolton

Goerge Allen

Mike Huckabee

Samuel Alito

William Kristol

Marco Rubio

Mike Pence

Orel Roberts

Richard Perle

Ralph Reed

"My index finger is what?"
Carl Rove

Paul Ryan

Ted Haggard

Stephen Hadley

"This is what a REAL man's hand looks like!"
John Cena

And the most goo goo, wide eyed, genetic weirdo we could find is...

Florida Governor Rick Scott