I must say, rarely am I contacted by a customer for support after purchasing BASEBALL BLIPS 2017. Once, a few years back, I had a person who was having trouble getting their older laptop to read one of my discs. I shipped a replacement disc the same day.

It seems everyone gets their show up and running without my assistance!

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Telephone: 727-442-4971

If I am away from my office and can't answer, leave a message!

When leaving a message for me, please remember to clearly state your name, and (take an extra couple seconds) to clearly leave your phone number. Unfortunately, I've missed a few calls because I could quite make out the message on my answering machine. Some cell calls, frankly, sound terrible.


CLICK HERE to send an e-mail. My e-mail address is:


Include your phone number in your e-mail. I will call you back to answer any questions about my audio library, or iron out any problems you might encounter with your computer presentation.