Presented by the DJ of MLB's Tampa Bay Rays!


Since 1987, Stanley Sound Productions has been producing Stadium Sports Organ Music and Sports Sound Effects for baseball, hockey and basketball, volleyball, rodeos, etc., programs around the world. Why? Because not every organization can locate or afford an experienced stadium/sports organist, and not everyone can afford expensive Click Effects or similar computerized audio systems. Even if you have the Click Effects system, you DON'T have the cool sports organ music and sound effects available now in BASEBALL BLIPS 2018!

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The BASEBALL BLIPS 2018 audio library (10 discs) is now available exclusively as .mp3 files. The mp3 files are now shipped on a USB flash drive or downloadable through DropBox. The flash drive will have ten (Discs) folders, corresponding to the content of the original CD's.

Most of my ORGAN MUSIC and "rhythmic crowd participation events" (90 events) are on Disc 1. There are great sound effects on Discs 2 and 3, which contain 99 events each. Also, there are the 7 "Stings" discs. The first five contain 99 events each, and the newer Stings Discs 6 and 7 contain 117 sound events. The Stings Discs will be included if you think you can use them, so when you order, just say "Send all the Stings too!"

Click the "STINGS" button or click HERE to learn more about the Stings Discs.

Send me an e-mail and ask for (Word Docs) Track Information for all ten Discs. E-mail me ( your phone number and I'd be happy to call you, play a few sounds and answer any questions. And you can always call me at 727-442-4971. Mornings are best, EST.