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Alien Skull Graphic
Enhancement Competition

Since I first observed this bizaare artifact, resembling perhaps an alien skull lying on it's side in the Martian sand, I have made numerous attempts to enhance the image with my woefully deficient graphic software. Then it occurred to me that thousands of Mars watchers out there on the Internet have image manipulation skills and graphic tools far superior to my own.

I am therefore inviting everyone to participate in an Internet first...a friendly digital battle I have dubbed the Alien Skull Graphic Enhancement Competition. The purpose of the contest is to see what lies in the minds of the image enhancers, as well as what may lie on the surface of the Red Planet!

Submissions will be posted to this site and eventually a contest winner
will be rendered via public electronic vote.

- Contest Rules -

- Download the original Mars Pathfinder image from either Zaphod_mono.jpg or PIA01000 The PIA01000 location has several image resolution and download options (Recommended)

- Note the location of the artifact (from the pictures below) and cut out a work
area similar to the animated gif at the top of this page

- For presentation purposes, submissions must be [200-300] x [200-325] pixels

- Submissions must be gif's or jpg's (no animations)

- Submissions can be black and white or colorized

- For dramatazation purposes, images must be rotated (90 degrees right)

- Contestants must supply a first and last name, city, state or country. (E-mail addresses will be kept confidential)

- Contestants can submit up to three entries. When submitting more than one image (on different dates), please include in your e-mail -- [Your Name], "Entry 2" or "Entry 3"

- Please try to create a unique name for your images (don't use "skull1.jpg" for example)

- A brief paragraph of text can be submitted if you'd care to explain your image enhancement techniques

- E-mail your entries to... Theatre Administrator

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Enhanced Images Gallery
Updated! - GO TO SUBMISSIONS PAGE 2 - April 6, 2002

Location of the Alien Skull Artifact

"The Alien Skull"
(Use this image for graphic enhancing if you'd like)

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