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Now more than ever before, the Red Planet is going to be a newsmaker. It wasn't long ago the scientific community was
stunned by microscopic hints of life in an ancient Martian meteorite. More recently, the Mars Global Surveyor imagery strongly suggests Mars once had abundant supplies of water...a necessary building block for life as we know it.
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So the search for life on Mars must press on.

Just as the professionals at NASA scour the Martian surface for knowledge, a similar legion of Mars watchers on the Internet are compelled to scrutinize the planet as well. Ever since the "Face On Mars" was first observed eerily gazing back at us from Cydonia, the hunt has been on.

How closely does Malin Space Science Systems inspect the photos from the Surveyor spacecraft before releasing them to the public? Does there exist the possibilty that somebody with Internet access will, in time, make a major revelation? We say, of course...why not?

Thus, it was inevitable we would decide to share our discovery. The discovery on Mars of mounds, hills or whatever, that so closely resemble the constellation of Orion that it cannot be another rude cosmic coincidence. A formation on a flat plain that any amateur astronomer would recognize immediately!...And it all started with a routine inspection of MOC Image 10004. (above)

As with just about everything newborn, it is human nature to christen it in some fashion. And so it was in this instance. We borrowed syllables minimally from another anomalous area on Mars...Cydonia, and coined the word "Orionia" (or-e-OWN-e-ya) to designate our find. We trust visitors to this site won't mind our effort to give these rocks a little dignity.

This examination of Orionia will not be profoundly scientific. It will however, present the facts for others to judge...our primary concern. And so now we ask -- Is this merely Mother Nature's way of scattering boulders?...Or are we indeed unraveling The Orion Enigma!

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